Champagne birthday

This coming Wednesday the 22nd, I turn 22. That makes it my golden birthday.

Wikipedia says: Ones golden birthday, also called a champagne birthday, is the day when the age one turns and the date of birth coincide (e.g. someone turning 20 on September 20th celebrates his golden birthday). Hallmark even offers special golden birthday cards which celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime birthday when the age and the birth date are the same.

I tried to find a history of the term golden birthday but it was fruitless. Someone suggested that a silver birthday should be when your age and the year you were born match. Thats nice, but what if you were born in 1999 or 2000?

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Wow, I never knew golden birthdays were called the champagne birthday as well. What if your golden birthday was when you were 3??

Ive always felt cheated b/c I dont remember my golden birthday since it was my very first birthday :(
I hope you enjoy yours!

This year is also my golden birth year. Good old 25.

I got a dog on my golden birthday. That dog turned out to be the most territorial son of a bitch (no, really) I have ever seen. What a bad present, especially since I had to pay for half of it. Maybe on YOUR golden birthday, you can eat a golden sandwich. Or wear a golden tunic. Or take a golden shower. Wait a minute

By the way, shameless plus: Hop on over to for an inside look on the life of Dante Basco. Bangarang.

and I meant shameless PLUG, but there is no delete function. what up with that?

I just heard of this for the first time today. I didnt realize that this would be a once in a lifetime birthday. I thought about it and realized that I would never be 30 again on August 30th. That is really cool. And if more than one person e-mailed me the same thing it has to be right.

Fruitless? I was about to go on an online quest for it but hit this website first. Ill still start the quest and Ill let you know if I find out anything interesting. It was my sister-in-laws golden bday yesterday and that got the questions rollingmy next career is History Detective.

In Australia, I have been spreading the word about the Golden Birthday ever since I was a kid! :-) To be honest, not one person had any idea what I was talking about! Nevertheless, it is my Golden Birthday on the 22nd of April, and Im actually going to get a tattoo of a present on me :-) I love birthdays and have been waiting for so long for my Golden Birthday :-)

actually u have 2 golden or champagne birthdays .. the year u turn the year u were born also is. Like if u were born in 1956 and on ur bday u turn 56 is champagne birthday too :)

Oh wow!! thanks slpless!! haha Im so excited for the next one!! Oh by the way I did get the present tattoo, it looks so funny and cute! :-)

from what ive been told, it is possible to have 3 golden birthdays. when you turn the day of your birthday, 22 on may 22 when you turn the last 2 digits of your birth year. i was born in 1987 so in 2087 ill have a golden birthday and also if youre luck enough to have a birthday where you turn the age of the first 2 numbers. ie turning 29 on feb. 9th 2/9

wait i got that second part wrong. 2074 ill be 87 and i was born in 1987 there we go!

ill be 21 on August 21st so the champagne theme should work quite well for my 21st birthday.

My Golden bday is about two weeks away! im so excited!. ,,, we are going to a Roof Top restauratn/lounge in NYc! i wanna waear something champaign/golden colored hope u enjoy urs as well!

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